Milota Havránková Foundation builds on the body of work of the renowned Slovak photographer Milota Havránková, who consistently and convincingly demonstrates her own uncompromising attitude to one’s inner artistic freedom through this medium.

The foundation supports artistic creation and curatorial and exhibition activities of the youngest generations and thus contributes to the understanding of this medium as a complex, dynamically evolving visual language communicating the fundamental questions of our being.

Thanks to its technically reproducible nature, photography has become a cultural currency that tends to be subject to inflation and power struggles. That’s why it is necessary to nurture and support artistic approaches that go against the current.
Milota Havránková Foundation helps to define photography not only as an isolated and timeless visual ideology, but above all as a systemic element of our ethical culture and social responsibility. In collaboration with our main academic and exhibition partner institutions – Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (VŠVU) and Bratislava City Gallery (GMB) – our goal is to create a functioning, independent and transparent platform supporting these activities.
Anna Vartecká, curator
In 1990, the Department of Photography and New Media was established at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava (VŠVU). Professor Milota Havránková stood at its inception. At that time, she clearly formulated the need to think about contemporary art photography conceptually and in relation to other creative fields. Now, thirty years after the founding of the department, we can say with certainty that this was the right direction to anchor the study of photography at VŠVU. We know that graduates who studied under the guidance of Professor Milota Havránková today form a strong generation of artists on the Slovak as well as international art scene.

Milota Havránková Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Photography and New Media jointly forms a creative and open platform for current photography students. Our main ambition is to offer them the opportunity to develop their own talent and creativity, to support their work through individual activities and to help them enter the current art photography scene with confidence and maturity. In this way, the foundation will continue the tradition that Professor Milota Havránková established and consistently supported at the Department of Photography.
Olja Triaška Stefanović, Head of the Department of Photography and New Media, Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava
Milota's world is deeply personal, beautifully complex and unique. It is an ungraspable universe of continuous change and creative inspiration. Its energy has touched all those who had the opportunity to be part of Milota’s world.

Establishing Milota Havránková Foundation is a natural continuation of the efforts to navigate and map this universe. We believe that this creative energy is and will remain transferable. The foundation wants to actively inspire, support, and pave the way for those who push the boundaries of this young and dynamic medium. Photography is not just a record of the past, but an authentic view into the future which is always nearer than we think. 

Milota Havránková Foundation and her family actively support visual arts as an integral basis of a cultural and wise society.
Igor Marko, Board Chairman, Milota Havránková Foundation
For me, establishing the foundation is the embodiment of a constant admiration for the free expression of art photography in its unique miracle of stopping time to capture messages for future memory.

The current overlaps of the photographic medium are an anchor that changes time and creates space for its interpretation. The foundation is an open platform for growing new ideas through the selfless support of all those who feel art as life itself.
Milota Havránková

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